Post-Graduate Support
 a post-graduate student getting support

Academic Excellence and Scholarly Leadership is Paramount

The mission of Howard Scholars Academy is to "build student leaders who will add value to the fabric of our community and excel academically, socially, and morally." The post-graduate program created to ensure adult learners receive strategic college and career transitional support for pursuants of a 2 or 4 year major of study.

Our post-graduate program provides enhanced college and career readiness skills for first generation college students during their initial year of enrollment in prerequisite courses. Upon successful completion of our college course offerings, career clusters, and our Toastmasters Leadership series, post-graduate participants will obtain an academic profile of at least a 3.0 collegiate GPA and leadership traits to embark upon academic excellence and scholarly leadership in a traditional college setting.

Our goal is to serve as a value added education agency partnering with local education agencies and institutions of higher learning to transition prepared college students who will successfully graduate within their 2 or 4 year college cohort. Below are course offerings:

English: English Composition I and II

Mathematics: College Algebra

Social Studies: Economics, Psychology, Sociology

Science: Biology, Biology Lab, Chemistry

Additional courses are available based on individualized learning plans

Classes start every eight weeks. in the form of Mini-Mesters in alignment with the traditional Fall, Spring, and Summer semester scdules. All course requirements are completed over an eight week period. All course materials are completed online allowing students to complete degree requirements while maintaining a job or completing a post graduate program.

Career clusters are completed within an 8 to 16 week period for non-prep school students. Additional academic and career support will be provided via RAflex, our online and monthly Saturday schedule. Laptops and internet access are required

Admissions: Rolling Basis

High School Applicants:

High School Graduates or GED

All ACT or SAT Scores Accepted

(Students without ACT scores must register)

Transfer Applicants:

(with college credits)

All College GPAs Accepted

Academic Probation Accepted

No student loans in default