Our Mission
This is our mission!

A Purpose Driven Mission

Our mission is to “Build student leaders who will add value to the fabric of our community and excel academically, socially, and morally.”

At Howard Scholars Academy, we believe every child can learn. No goal is too high for our students to reach, and we refuse to lower expectations and dim their potential. We offer personalized learning plans, strategic services, and quality education, to help our students reach their educational and life ambitions. We aim to help our students to not only learn, but to find their niche, so that they may become independent and productive citizens.

We are committed to approaching the needs of all students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and community organizations in order to provide wraparound services that will build the whole child to increase their social emotional learning (SEL) and academic needs.

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In Their Own Words

A short time ago, I was a frustrated parent, wondering how my daughter, a gifted student, had fallen to poor performance, academic despair, and complete disdain for attending school. These things manifested in signs such as, moving to the back of the classroom, little interest in extra curricular activity, personality conflicts with instructors, in a phrase, 'academic hopelessness'.

"Then, almost as an answer to a prayer, we were presented with a solution , the HECG system. A note about myself, I am known to question you to the point of annoyance, to see if your heart is really into a thing, my daughter's reply was, 'I want to do this.' I now see her devouring her courses, working at her own pace...she has again found her love for learning."

~ Charles