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Transformational Leadership, Proven Success!

The Howard Scholars Academy provides a wide range of educational services to ensure the perfect fit for your individual, school, or organizational needs. All of our services are performed by highly-qualified consultants who adhere to strict standards. Services rendered will be nothing less than superior.

We are committed to developing quality educational services using our team of consultants with over 15 years of experience. The Howard Scholars Academy uses proven educational techniques to enhance the level of success for our clients. We see an average of 2 grade level increases in academic gains for each student.


Howard Scholars Academy was founded by Kisha Howard, a national and international homeschool expert, Homeschool Consultant, and a credentialed Assistant Principal and Instructional Coach with a master’s degree in Education Administration and an Educational Specialist degree in curriculum and instruction. Being raised by a Pastor of Christian faith, she has maintained a passion for helping students of all backgrounds to grow into their full potential and assisting them to achieve their academic goals since the tender age of 23.

Her specialty is providing college prep curriculum to obtain academic scholarships, NCAA compliance for homeschool, private, and public school students to obtain athletic scholarships, challenging students to reach their full academic potential, channeling ADHD and ADD symptoms to appeal to learning styles breeding academic success, and assisting homeschool parents and Co-Ops in developing their D.R.E.A.M. Homeschool program as a Homeschool Consultant.

Mrs. Howard is well rooted in the homeschool community being a member of HSLDA and personally working with its founders by serving as Board of Director and Chief Operating Officer of the National Black Home Educators. She is the wife of Kelvin Rumph, an East Region Senior Information Technology Specialist and Veteran of the United States Army with 23 years of service.


While our services are focused on individual students and personal academic development, we would be remiss to ignore the three major groups involved in the educational process.

We have found that properly engaging parents, effectively training teachers, and optimizing school administration can dramatically boost to the academic success of each student.

Engaging Parents

Our educational programs provide parents and students with multiple excellent options for homeschool education. Whether you choose Curriculum Only, Virtual Academy, or our On-Location Academy of Excellence, we ensure that your child will be challenged to reach their full academic potential. We believe every child can learn, and refuse to lower expectations and limit their development.

The learning experience is geared toward the individual student’s success through personalized learning plans and academic support, as well as parent consultation and training.

Equipping Teachers and Administrators

Our team of consultants is ready to meet the challenge of instilling mastery learning concepts within the hearts and minds of all teachers and administrators. With every step of this process, our team specializes in developing integrated learning systems, specialized professional development training, and recruitment and retention training and strategies for educational leaders.

Our services within private and public education systems focus on student growth by ensuring that our educational leaders provide solid instructional strategies that are aligned to our nation’s education reform agenda. The team is ready to meet your needs to gain success for our future leaders of tomorrow.

Optimizing Administration for Schools and Organizations

Our team of consultants specialize in educational project and process management. We have over 20 years of experience in providing systems of accountability that breed student achievement results within 6 to 8 months of receiving our project and process management services.

Through our scope of premiere services, increases the level of student achievement results, regardless of school or organizational profiles. Our targeted consulting services ensure our client population receive strategic school improvement and student achievement initiatives to focus on student and adult learners to achieve academic success regardless of inherent environmental factors.

Through the use of our unique computer adaptive assessment instruments, the accountability system, project management team, and specialized training and development for educators, HECG continually meets the rising educational accountability mandates for local education agencies and community based organizations.

Our success rate in obtaining Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for schools, increased academic achievement rates for schools and organizations, and highly trained Faculty and Staff is in direct alignment with school improvement goals and community based organizational needs for wrap around services. Our educational project and process management services are monitored, increased collaboration with district, schools, and organizational leaders, instructional focus walks, and progress monitoring for program initiatives via the Accountability System to ensure academic achievement is realized.

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